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¿Y por qué no un Quantum World Congre...


    barcelonaqbit-bqb presenta sus proyectos (qubit Institute, Entanglement Partners sl y Quantum World Association) en el corazón mundial de la industria de la tecnología; el MWC17 de Barcelona. El pasado 2 de marzo, Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, presidente de barcelonaqbit-bqb, presentó junto a David Arcos, presidente de Qubit Institute; Josep M. Vilà, chairman de Entanglement Partners, […]

Agreement between bqb and Sinergia


    Two representations of barcelonaqbit and Sinergia met on March, 15th 2016 to reinforce its mutual agreement to work together. Sinergia is the agreement of 11 Catalan IT business companies on the behalf of 1,500 companies. Its president, Pere Martínez, has stated that, thanks to this agreement, the Catalan IT companies will be informed […]

Quantum enters deeply into the MWC 20...


    Bqb organized a conference in which two specific proposals were launched to turn Barcelona into the international centre of “Quantum Information & CiberseQurity”: a translational research centre and the Quantum Information Forum. On February, 25th 2016, Barcelonaqbit, together with Mobile World Congress 2016, gathered leading academics and professionals on a 2-hours event in […]

Agreement between bqb & ISACA Ba...


    Qubit Institute will work on the CyberseQurity section of the Cibersecurity certification from ISACA Barcelona Chapter. On January, 29th 2016, ISACA Barcelona Chapter and barcelonaqbit have signed a collaboration agreement in order to work on the CiberseQurity section of the new international cybersecurity certification from ISACA. The term CyberseQurity is the short word […]

The First EnQuentro Quántico


    Manel Medina, R&D Coodinator of APWG.EU, was named honorary member of bqb. On November, 26th 2015, the first EnQuentro Quántico (Quantum Meeting), organized by bqb, was held in Barcelona. 30 people (bqb members and professionals of the Catalan technology sector) attended the meeting. Manel Medina, professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and president […]

A Gamma-Ray Telescopes Array to Be Pl...


    This project is led by Takaaki Kajita, PhD, Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 and director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (University of Tokyo), among others. The 20 telescopes Cherenkov are going to be placed in the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), located in the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos […]

Most of the Bqb Founding Members Meet...


    The new website and the presence in the social networks (LinkedIn and Twitter) will increase the Bqb community up to 500 members within the next year. On October, 16th 2015, Sitges (Barcelona) was chosen to hold the meeting of most of the Bqb‘s founding members. The management team evaluated the ongoing activities and […]