The Quantum Information and CyberseQurity Think Tank

Quantum enters deeply into the MWC 2016




Bqb organized a conference in which two specific proposals were launched to turn Barcelona into the international centre of “Quantum Information & CiberseQurity”: a translational research centre and the Quantum Information Forum.

On February, 25th 2016, Barcelonaqbit, together with Mobile World Congress 2016, gathered leading academics and professionals on a 2-hours event in order to share views on the state of art of quantum computing. From Barcelona, the ecosystem that will boost quantum technology worldwide is going ahead.

Large companies and institutions around the world are investing large amounts of money in quantum technologies for computing, information processing and telecommunications. The number of news around this sector is growing disproportionately. In addition, more patents, more companies and more research papers appear every day! This is a disruptive technology that will change the way technological systems of all enterprises, institutions and organizations are conceived.

Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, president of bqb presented the entity as the first think thank on quantum technologies and their business applications. He opened the public conference thanking the efforts of all attendees and speakers, of utmost importance in this sector: “This is the first time that the world of applied research and theoretical physics in quantum technologies speaks to the economic world of the business technological systems.”

PhD José Ignacio Latorre, one of the most internationally renowned experts, explained the basic principles of quantum information, but also large applications in cryptography and cybersecurity. He also noted the need for talented professionals. Dr. Latorre finished his presentation with a proposal: “We need a centre for translational market research in order to boost Europe as a leader in quantum technologies.”

First ever and exclusive to those attending this conference, the World Map Patent on Quantum information was presented by Enric Batalla, president of Cabier Institute and member of barcelonaqbit, who said that “this resource is very valuable to understand who is doing what and where on issues related to quantum information and technologies. He also stressed that “the identification of these patents puts the business situation around the technology.”

Looking to the immediate future, David Arcos, leader of bqb’s Training area, presented Qubit Institute, an academy that wants to train professionals in these technologies.

Next, Oscar Sala made the proposal to formalize the Quantum Information Forum as a tool to join the discussion and progress around the market applications generated by quantum technologies. “It will be a business association between developers, end customers and universities to accelerate the current implementation of research in quantum technologies.”

Finally, the event was closed by an experts’ panel formed by PhD José Ignacio Latorre, Enric Batalla, PhD Vicente Martín and Mr. Mario Maawad, cyberseQurity Manager at barcelonaqbit. Maawad pointed out the impact on the binomial of power information and money, and the serious problem for a company about whether its business information is confidential or not. PhD Martin presented different current devices that use quantum systems and he also talked about the problem of quantum computing and its solution: quantum encryption. Among the experts on this panel, they imagined the time remaining to see quantum devices around and the general conclusion was that in 5 to 10 years’ time this massive presence will be a fact.

MWC16 Speakers

Enric Batalla, PhD José Ignacio Latorre, Alfonso Rubio-Manzaneres,
PhD Vicente Martín, David Arcos, Mario Maawad and Oscar Sala