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Agreement between bqb and Sinergia




Two representations of barcelonaqbit and Sinergia met on March, 15th 2016 to reinforce its mutual agreement to work together.

Sinergia is the agreement of 11 Catalan IT business companies on the behalf of 1,500 companies. Its president, Pere Martínez, has stated that, thanks to this agreement, the Catalan IT companies will be informed about the evolution of the quantum computing and cybersecurity.

It may be too early for the companies to see these disruptive technologies as part of their daily business, but an unstoppable evolution in the go-to-market opportunities has been spotted. Every week new companies that are specialized in quantum cryptography and cybersecurity are founded. It must be taken into account that in Catalonia there are cutting-edge research centers (such as Institute of Photonic Sciences, ICFO) and the fact that the universities can provide with knowledge and talent.

Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, president of barcelonaqbit (bqb), has promised that the entire knowledge infrastructure that’s represented by the members of the think tank is going to be made available to Sinergia. According to Rubio-Manzanares, “we are working to turn Barcelona into a leading global center in quantum technologies, and Sinergia is the most qualified representation of the Catalan IT companies. It is essential to bind research centers, universities and companies together, and this agreement will be crucial to achieve this objective.”